Specialised Services

Our Specialised Services include:

  • Strategy and Leadership

Specialised Services

From Strategy to Action

Strategy formulation is more than a process – it is a conversation within the company. Therefore it is highly personal and needs to be driven from within the company. BrainWorks facilitates this process by providing a framework and methodologies to guide and stimulate the conversation via interactive work sessions. We also act as objective and trusted sounding board.  The true value of a well formulated strategy lies in the execution thereof.  A crucial part of our involvement is the identification and monitoring of critical performance goals to ensure that the strategy is put into practice.

Building a Leadership Pipeline

In today’s global, fast pace economy, leadership is required at all levels and on all fronts of the organization.  Leadership development is no longer a nice to have; it has become a core competitive advantage.  This reality is compounded by the fact that leadership development initiatives involve the organization’s key and often scarce, employees – the ones it can ill afford to take off the job.  The opportunity cost of leadership development programs therefore can be very high if not well planned. It is imperative that a leadership development program is rooted in sound strategy, aligned with the organization’s leadership philosophy. We assist our clients in identifying their leadership needs, and to develop structures, programs and initiatives to ensure the cost effective nurturing and developing of the leaders that will take then into the future with confidence.

What our Clients Say

“Coen Bester’s leadership teachings have laid a solid foundation for our company’s leadership programme and have demystified for many what practical great leadership encompasses.”
- Gustav Rohde, Chief Operating Officer, Aurecon

“A brilliant  mentor – Coen supercharged our leadership culture!”
- Andre Fourie, CEO Poynting Antennas




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