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The Leadership Advantage
A discovery journey for the leaders of tomorrow.

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“Leadership is highly contextual. We believe that the best way to develop leaders is to do it on the job - within the context of the organization they lead.”

Leadership Discovery Journey

Research has shown that it takes a journey of about twenty-five years to become a mature CEO.

It has also shown that the best company leaders don’t skip a phase on this journey, but that they do the hard yards of leading at various levels, from the leader of a few specialists to the leader of an enterprise or a constellation of supporting leaders.  Therefore it is of vital importance that you understand the journey ahead, and that you come to full grips with your current season of leading.

Understanding your own organization and how it intends to serve the world is key. Your organization is your leadership platform. Do you understand your value offering and the business model that evolved with your company?  Do you have a leadership “point of view” on the values that guides decision-making in your company? 

Key issue like these form an integral part of our leadership journey. We offer a proven methodology that helps leaders to re-invent themselves and the organizations they have the privilege of serving.

Our leadership discovery journey takes the form of meeting points of one day in duration spread over a calendar year.  It focuses on five pivotal aspects of a leader’s calling. These topics are also offered as stand-alone workshops tailored to the needs of the organization.

The Leader You Could Become
What is your unique brand of leadership? What is the essence of leadership? What will be your leadership legacy?

Leading from Strengths
What are core strengths and how will you mold them into a toolset that will stand up to the challenge? How will you navigate the path?

Inspiring Your Team
As individuals we will never be well rounded - but it is possible to build well-rounded teams! How will you forge your team, and how do you obtain the commitment levels you expect of yourself?

Delivering on Purpose
What is the core value offering and how will you build a sustainable, profitable business based on this?

Client Engagement
A happy and loyal customer is the ultimate asset of your business. How will your company achieve client engagement?

Discover Your Personal Guidance System

If you are serious about making a contribution whilst achieving your personal best, this is a must-attend workshop. Did you know that you have a built-in guidance system and that you can greatly enhance your decision-making capabilities to ensure that you focus your energy and talents on activities that would lead to a meaningful life? A strong, well-developed guidance system helps you to face what life may throw at you, and will ensure that you complete your mission.

Discover Your Organizational Guidance System

A company is a person in its own right. Similar to a person, it develops its own guidance mechanisms over time.  How are goals selected and set in your company? What values form the basis on which decisions are made?  What are the salient features of your culture?  How do you shape and harness the elements that make up the organizational guidance system?  How will you ensure sustainability of your organization way beyond the current leadership?  In this workshop participants gain clarity on the aspects touching the heart of the organization, and develop practical tools to steer it towards its goals and to ensure alignment with the communities it chooses to serve.

What our Participants Say

Who I am and what I can do are the best building blocks to build my leadership around − it’s about becoming a more capable me. Coen shares his experiences and tools that help to search out the personal improvements that will take you to the next level.
 - Tafadzwa Mukwena, Engineer

Coen’ s special ability to ask the right questions, forced me to dive deep into my inner being where I discovered many valuable ‘leadership diamonds’ I never knew I had. It was a journey well worth the investment.
 - Stéphan Pieterse, Organisational Development Manager

Coen has a way of simplifying leadership into a way of life, by using one’s own attributes in combination with the environment and others, to create energy with followers to move forward towards higher goals.
 - Werner Comrie, Technical Director

Coen is a close friend and mentor for many years. His extensive knowledge and decades of practical experience on both leadership and management, combined with his authenticity and hunger to keep on growing end learning himself, has inspired and envisioned me in my career and personal life. He is one of the very few who can integrate leadership and management skills in theory and practice, and with success.
 - Dries Lombaard, Manager, Organisational Effectiveness

Coen has enabled me to successfully conquer my challenges through his methods gained from his vast knowledge and experience.
 - Laven Govender, Solutions Engineer

Coen’s enthusiasm for the ‘Leadership Journey’ is irresistible and I am continuing with the journey Coen started me on.
 - Pieter De Wet, Industrial Engineer

Coen has the ability to make you want to explore your current leadership path and somehow steer you willingly to venture into your new journey/adventure of self-discovery.
 - Viren Gajathar, Engineering Technologist

Your inspiration in making us unleash our strengths deserves an accolade!
 - Casey Wolters, Manager




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